Sunday, November 13, 2016

Author Interview: Kevin Chambers

For our next author interview, I'm chatting with Kevin Chambers! Kevin's debut novel, God's Rogue, comes out tomorrow. He also writes screenplays, and created the upcoming Daughter of Time sci-fi TV series. Keep up with him on Goodreads as he works on his next projects.

Tell us about yourself. What made you start writing fiction?
The first time I can remember writing, was when I did not want to pay attention in church. I decided to write my dreams out into a story, and because I did not want to write the word 'said,' I made them into a 3rd grader's version of a screenplay.
My next writing adventure was in my freshman year of college, where after reading Brisingr, I did not want to wait another 3 years for Inheritance, so I started writing my own book. A professor loved what I was writing, or so he told me. Anyways, I found Terry Goodkind, and started reading his work, so I never finished that little bit of fan fiction.

What in particular attracted you to writing science fiction?

I love the fact that space is so large, filled with so much wonder and beauty. I like to explore, love the idea of the unknown. To me once you discover the unknown, or at least set foot on a planet, go to the next. I guess what I'm trying to say, is that I'm not one to get to in-depth of exploration. Which Kaden Hunt, the main character of God's Rogue, is the same way. He's a character who is caught up in the luster of the moment, once it fades he's onto the next grand adventure.

Do your characters and plots draw any inspiration from your own life?

My two biggest inspirations as far as book series are Inheritance and The Sword of Truth. In truth, since I've written a lot of screenplays, with my most recent, Daughter of Time, coming in 2017. I find Stargate (especially Universe. Still mad at SciFi, excuse me, SyFy for canceling it.), and Doctor Who have been my big TV Inspirations. 

Tell us about your current project.
God's Rogue is the first novel, in literally an unlimited amount of novels. With the current plot I'm planning 3 if not 4 novels. After which I plan on literally traveling to a new universe, with 3 of the current characters to delve more into the Traveler. 

What do you do besides writing?

That depends on the day and time. Most days I'm working as an Operations Manager for a well drilling company here in the NW. If I'm not writing, or managing my writing career e.g. working on marketing, press, arranging schedule for shoot dates. I'm out kayaking, fishing, hiking, or maybe in reading, watching a movie, playing some video games. Oh, I can't forget adding line dancing, I love to line dance. And play in the mud!

How much writing do you usually get done in the average week? How do you make or find time to write?

I would say a given week is very productive, in one aspect or another. It might be a productive work week, or a productive writing week.The goal is to write a minimum of a paragraph a day, which will turn into a few pages. I'm already working on the Travelers Tower, the sequel to God's Rogue

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

Panster. I've done outlines before, and the muses always take me in a different direction. I've had writing projects, where a muse will quiet literally keep me up at night, because they did not like what I've written. I've also written 40 pages, only to throw them all out because the muses finally started to talk to me.

Any advice you'd like to give other authors?

This is not much, but it starts with a word and ends with a story.

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