Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Writing Prompt Wednesday - Feelings and Textures

This week, write about textures and your sense of touch in gratuitous detail. Whether it's sand beneath your toes - gritty, warm and a little sticky - or your grandma's soft and frayed king-sized quilt, your characters' sense of touch can make your stories even more immersive.

In a sci-fi story, the difference between real wood and synthetic wood paneling can be demonstrated when your character runs her fingers over it: "The wood table was gorgeous, but its surface was eerily smooth, and she realized it had to be synthetic material."

Fantasy stories can quickly be overloaded with visual descriptions, so try supplementing them with descriptions of textures: "The wrinkles on her hands felt fragile under his rough fingers."

When your character is thrown into a tailspin by a nasty encounter with an old enemy, reinforce her emotions with her sense of touch: cold, rough concrete; sticky blood drying on her fingers; or the cotton gauze wrapped too tight around her arm.

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