Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Writing Prompt Wednesday - Heat Haze

The air here in Chicago has felt like Satan's armpit for the past month. It hasn't just been hot, it's been incredibly humid, too!

What do your characters do to beat the heat? The answer will be based not just on your characters' personality, but on the world they live in. Fantasy and science fiction writers have a lot to think about with this one!

Is your character particularly modest? If not, they might have no qualms about wearing as little clothing as possible. If they have a sweet tooth, hot weather might be the perfect excuse to break out some popsicles. Do they stay inside as much as possible, or go to the park and lay in the shade? Do they tan, or slather on the sunscreen? Play volleyball? Drink heavily? Go skinny-dipping?

Also think about what your character does or doesn't have access to. If they live in a world with magic, are there spells to help keep them cool? Are they living in modern times, but can't afford air conditioning for the summer?  Has technology advanced enough that air conditioning units are cheap and portable? Is global warming an issue in their world?

Your character's backstory may also influence how they handle the heat. If they grew up somewhere hot, then the summer weather may be normal to them. Do they have any medical conditions that influence how they handle the heat? (I have one relative who passes out pretty quickly when it's hot outside.)

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