Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Writing Prompt Wednesday - Boat Ride!

One of your characters has just won tickets for a private, all-day mini-cruise. The boat is a fairly large yacht, and the trip includes a tour of some really scenic beach areas. And yes, booze is allowed on the boat.

But who is your character going to invite? The yacht fits up to ten passengers, plus the captain and the first mate. And what is she going to do with herself on such a nice, long relaxing getaway? Reenact scenes from Titanic? Sing the song from a certain Saturday Night Live skit? Drink a lot? Get nostalgic as she stares out over the waves? Take lots of selfies? Listen with rapt attention as the cute captain talks about the region's history? Hit on the first mate? Hit on someone else?

If your story is set somewhere far away from an ocean or lake, get creative - maybe envision your characters someplace else, or maybe make it a space cruise, or a castle getaway!

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