Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Writing Prompt Wednesday - Chimeras

The Chimera is a creature in Greek mythology made of parts of multiple animals. Today, the term "chimera" is used a bit more loosely, and can refer to something made of parts of different things.

But let's write a chimera in the classical sense. I feel like few fantasy and sci-fi works really dive into the possibilities of a chimera's existence - they can kinda exist on their own, sure, but what about when someone creates a chimera? What thought process, ethics, and science/magic go into that?

Design a chimera - not just the different body parts, but the abilities and personality as well. If your beast has the head of a horse, will it also have the personality and intelligence of a horse? If some of the chimera's parts come from creatures that live underwater, will that chimera be able to swim or breathe underwater? What happens if a chimera has parts from both cold- and warm-blooded creatures? Maybe a chimera can have some parts that are just for show or were added accidentally, like extra tails or peacock feathers.

Is this chimera the first of its kind, or a fine-tuned remake of a previous creation? Better yet - who or what created the thing in the first place? And why?

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