Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Writing Prompt Wednesday - Story Starters

This week, have some story starters! I've tried to cover a range of genres with these, but they do lean more toward the thriller/mystery side of things, don't they? ;) I don't care if you're in the waiting room at the doctor's office or about to get on the bus to work - write a few sentences on your phone! (Maybe in the comment box below!)

1. Write a scene where someone is skipping a party or ceremony being held in their honor. (Yes, this is totally inspired by the Miss Manners brouhaha Facebook blew up over recently.)

2. Your character got a new watch today, but it's already covered in blood. Tell us what happened.

3. There are drugs in your character's system. Things aren't going as planned. Show what happened up to this point.

4. The setting is an evil orchard. (You can decide what 'evil' means here - are the trees evil, or the owners?) Are the trees or their fruit capable of inflicting harm? How does your character figure out that evil is at hand?

5. Write a character who is absolutely baffled beyond belief. Confounded. Perplexed. In shock and disbelief. Then, slowly reveal the thing that caused the confusion.

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