Monday, May 23, 2016

An Introduction to Maywitch

I'm thrilled to announce that my web serial, Maywitch, will be premiering soon! Tentative start date is July 9, 2016. I am in the final stages of outlining the plot, and much of the first chapter has already been drafted. Check out the blurb:
When suspicious incidents begin rattling the West Coast, it doesn't take long for the authorities to realize that something supernatural is happening. To solve the problem, though, they'll have to ask for help from Maywitch - the tiny militia of sorcerers tasked with keeping their peers in check. 
Kay Adamis, a young witch struggling through college, doesn't complain when Maywitch drafts her. She's a decent firecaster who's better at magic than studying, and since her parents aren't around, she could use some help paying her bills. 
But nobody warned her that the body count had quietly started rising over months of magical unrest and resulting cover-ups. And nothing could have prepared her for the exhausting business of exposing and guarding secrets. 
With Maywitch's enemies growing stronger every day, Kay has to learn to trust her new companions and herself while rooting out the cause of the chaos unfolding around them. 
I chose the serial format because I think it will be helpful for me to have clear deadlines every week. ;) Obviously I'm working on getting as much drafted ahead of time as possible so I can spend each week editing instead of hurriedly throwing words together. If things go particularly well and my day job stops throwing curveballs at me, maybe I'll even post the first chapter early...?!

Stay turned for updates!

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